The System - A Panafricus Short

This visual artistic manifestation represents the monotony of daily life, and the confusion between life and existence in a world where it is often difficult to find one's place, given the endless and often anarchic cycle of the System. Filmed between Dakar, Ouagadougou and Conakry, this Afro-centric piece is a debut for the Burkinabe artist PanAfricus. English voiceover with French subtitles.

Panafricus is the chosen pseudnymn of a Burkina Faso native with strong ties to the African continent. An avid consumer of art, culture and literature, Panafricus founded Djellibah Studios to share panafrican stories with the world.

PanAfricus' approach to film is experimental, considering that he has no formal training in film nor does he use conventional equipment for his work. He has successfully written directed produced and filmed exceptional pieces with :

- A Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

- A GoPro Hero 5

-A Samsung Galaxy S8

-A Samsung Galaxy S9

Panafricus Rex