An Unforeseeable Consequence of Pride and Vanity

There was once a driver. Let’s say this driver’s name is Koffi. Koffi was a young man, with ambitions like anyone his age. Koffi was offered his driver’s license by one of his uncles so he could pitch in to the family household. Koffi was living with his mother and five sisters. For whatever reason, his father had left, and subsequently passed away when Koffi was still young. So life was never easy.

But things were about to change. Koffi started a job as a truck driver for hire. He was new so needed to gain trust. When it came to work, Koffi had solid ethical values. He knew the alternative to work was a luxury he could not afford, so he gave it everything he had. His effort paid off, and Koffi became a regular driver. This meant he had a salary now. And this also meant he could finally mary Bintou, his girlfriend. So he did.

When it came to life, Koffi held nothing back. He was a bit too generous, loved to enjoy himself and have a good time. But he still saw the importance of having a family. Status, respect and pride. 

Years passed. 
Some things changed; others had not. Koffi was now a driver for a mining company, but was no longer living with Bintou, and their 2 sets of twins two boys and two girls. Koffi still loved life, and decided not to compromise who he was for his family. Out of lost patience and damaged esteem, Bintou thought it best to leave. She took the children, and said nothing. She would manage how best she could, and the rest would be in the hands of the universe. Koffi was surprised at first, but slowly accommodated to living alone again. His new lifestyle was convenient. He thought Bintou would return when she failed to make ends meet, but that day never came...
Koffi travelled a good deal for work. Driving his bosses to the regions in the country where mining was prolific.

Koffi never missed a chance to taste the local flavors when he was in these areas. 
One day, Koffi was in a region he had not yet had a chance to discover. And at this particular time he was feeling generous, as he had just been paid. He told the hotel keeper he was in need of company for the night, but this time he wanted something special. The keeper offered a deal of two for the price of one, and promised Koffi he would not be disappointed. 
He returned to his room and it was not before long that he heard a playful knock on the door.

That familiar excitement filled his heart while he opened.
Imagine his surprise when he unwittingly welcomed his twins daughters in his room. He had not seen them in 11 years, but did not fail to recognize them. He collapsed on the spot. 
They were fortunately spared his bafflement as they did not recognize him and thought their customer had suffered a stroke. They ran to get help and left the premises by fear of being associated to a potential death.
Once awakened, Koffi kept uttering : "My Grace! My Gloria!" until he lost his mind.

At that moment, Koffi had been hit full force with the realization that Grace and Gloria’s predicament was his doing. He was directly suffering the consequences of his actions and of his failure to take responsibility for them.

He later learned that his dear wife Bintou had attempted, once she left him, to open a small restaurant, where miners were working. Unfortunately many other women had the same idea she had. Customers started coming less and less. But Bintou, although a mother, was still a beautiful woman. For some reason, the less conservative she dressed, the more customers she had. Before she knew it, her customers expressed other needs in addition to the food she was making. Opportunity is the ultimate test to moral values and as times changed, so did her income.

Unfortunately, she was not able to simultaneously provide for her family and shelter them from the realities of her work. So when Grace and Glory started growing up, they did as their mother did and not as they were told. The boys, Twia and Yooku left as soon as they were old enough, but the girls stayed. They stayed long enough to witness their mother’s illness, whithering and eventual passing. Having no other alternatives because they chose to forogo schooling, they followed entirely their mother’s footseps.

This is how Grace and Gloria ended up at the doorstep of a client that was none other than their father…

Panafricus Rex