Panafricus is a dreamer of the world whose heart is in the motherland. A lover of all art-forms, this polyvalent soul relishes in the discovery of new thrills through the process of creating written, filmed, canvased, photographed and acoustic art.


Itunu Kuku

Itunu Kuku is a Nigerian writer, blogger and humanitarian. Born in Lagos in 1989, he later spent several of his formative years in Zambia and the Philippines. In 2013 Kuku moved to Dakar, Senegal to pursue his artistic endeavors and now calls the city home.

Saliou's Dream is Kuku's first published short story. His thought-provoking writing has previously been published on various online platforms including Elephant Journal, Thought Catalog and True Africa.


La Noire De…

La Noire De… as her chosen moniker inspired from Sembene Ousmane’s masterpiece, is a Gambian Public Health Professional with a passion for writing.